Blood dolls are slaves given to the Vampires and Hybrids as tribute payment by the human Royals.  They are the property of all the Supernatural court, to be used by any, in whatever capacity they choose.


A blood doll is the base level. These individuals are enthralled, with no willpower. Having been fed a single drop of Vampire or Hybrid blood, blood dolls are bound to their owners with an unbreakable bond.


A Gaunt is the next level up from a blood doll,. They’ve been fed two drops of supernatural blood. They have enhanced strength and speed, and they will heal quickly. They also have an extended life cycle.  The third level up from a blood doll, and the recipient of three drops of vampire blood, is a Ghoul, or almost a Vampire in speed and strength, but they have unwaveringly blind loyalty to their owners, and no free will. It is not unusual for a Ghoul to be raised to full Vampire.


Whatever you call them, the name is unimportant. All are the same–a creature who has been bond to a Hybrid. (Vampires will have their own rules). For the purposes of our land, these are the rules that apply:

1) A blood doll may be male or female, and will always give consent.

2) Feeding from a blood doll may be fast, messy, elegant, and sometimes quite erotic, depending on what the situation dictates.

3) To make a blood doll, a being is fed three drops of Hybrid blood. The first drop will wipe away most of their former memories and leave them feeling attached and bound to the Hybrid. However, with a great effort of will, they could break free of that enchantment. The second drop of Hybrid blood they take will wipe away all memories, and the being is now a creature of the Hybrids, and they will do whatever they are told to do. The third drop of Hybrid blood, and the being is completely and irrevocably bound to the Hybrids, with an unbreakable bond.

4) Having consumed Hybrid blood, the blood doll will receive enhanced strength, agility, speed, and wits. They heal faster and live longer than any human.

5) Blood dolls are not addicted to blood. They do not drink it, nor are they considered vampires.