Lycan Rules

Lycan Pack Leader: Siegfried Falkenrath

Lycan Pack Rules

  1. The Lycans and Vampires are blood enemies IC (In Character) only. OOC (Out of Character) fighting between lycans and other factions will be subject to disciplinary action by the sim admins, that may lead to outright banning of a party that causes OOC drama.
  2. The pack is lead by an Alpha, which may be male or female. The Alpha is elected by the pack but must be confirmed by the sim owners. The Alpha governs the pack and holds them to sim rules. An alpha that fails in their duties may be replaced by the sim owners, but the owners will ask the pack for their candidates before making an appointment.
  3. In absence of an Alpha, the pack is lead by the pack shaman, which is also appointed by the sim owners. If the current Alpha does not like the Shaman, they may speak with the owners. The Shaman may choose to step down willingly, but if they do not, the sim owners have final say on how the matter is resolved.
  4. While traditionally Lycans are considered a wolf race, the WereBeast of Dark Moons have banded together against common foes. This means that fox beings, known as Kitsune, as well as Werecats and Werebears, are also part of the Pack.
  5. Not all Lycans have a two-legged, animal form. Some may have a human, and/or a four-legged form. This is not to be held against them. In addition, the Shaman may have a spectral animal form, which allows then to go between the world of the spirits and the living world.
  6. All Lycans use a feral tongue when in animal form. To a non lycan it will sound like grunts, snarls, howls, and roars.
  7. Lycans, being pack creatures, may pile together with the rest of the pack for closeness. This generally has nothing to do with sex, regardless of the genders in the pile. No one is, however, obligated to join the communal puppy pile. It is also expected that one ask permission before joining a pile, as some cuddle groups might be more than a pack puppy pile. If individuals in a communal puppy pile wish to have a more private moment, they are asked to leave the communal pile first. Please show respect for those around you. (Be aware that groping in a puppy pile is considered harassment and will be dealt with as such.)
  8. Caves that are privately rented in the Lycan den are not to be entered without the consent of the cave renters. The same would be expected of any other private residence on sim.