The Dwarven race are one of the elder races. They lived on the land long before humans emerged. It is said a Dwarf is slow to anger but once riled they are intimidating. Dwarves are hard like the stone they love, and they are just as unyielding.

Dwarves prefer to live in their underground halls and cities carved from the rock, and they are famed as great artificers of metal and stone. They are, in fact, famed for their skill in all kinds of metalwork and the forging of magical rings and swords.

Dwarves are of various types, but most are small of stature. In appearance, they can be beautiful but most resemble grave old men/women, and the males generally have long beards. They are said to have profound wisdom and secret knowledge. Some have the power to foresee the future, assume other forms, and make themselves invisible.