An elf is a creature that appears to be human in nature, but the famous ‘elven ears’ say otherwise. Elves, as a race, are far more perfect and striking in appearance than the most beautiful human. They also have a keener sense of sight and hearing, and do not age as humans do, and generally have a keen affinity for nature and animals.

Elves are most often tall and slender, quite graceful, and strong. They have pale complexions, and are sometimes known as the “white people”, which could refer to either their coloring or their moral integrity. Hair color usually ranges from white to varying shades of blonde, and eye color varies but is generally gray, blue, or green.

There are many different kinds of Elves, ie, Dark Elves (Drow), Deep Elves, Grey Elves, High Elves, Moon Elves, Snow Elves, Wood Elves, Sun Elves, Valley Elves, Wild Elves (Grugach), and Winged Elves (Avariel).