Faction – A small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics.

In the Realm of Dark Moons we offer our players an opportunity to create factions based on their role play and needs. Below we will outline the requirements of a faction and that of the faction leadership.

Creating a faction begins in role play and the stories that develop from that.

Creating an official Faction is simple in many ways.
1. The Faction must have 5 members
2. The Faction must have a unique name (and approved by the owners)
3. The Leadership is well defined
4. The Faction has a written Mission or other Manifesto
5. The Members and Leaders are expected to be active in the role play and region.

If these are not met an official faction will not be granted or if the faction fails to keep up the activity or its numbers drop the ownership can remove the faction as official until such time it can show its return and remain active.