Hybrids are a mix of two races, ie, Vampire and Lycan.

With a Vampire/Lycan Hybrid, each species has natural occurring abilities, and those carry into the Hybrid creation, ie, the ability to sprout wings and fly; the ability to shift into bat form; greater speed, strength, and healing abilities; excellent night vision; etc.

Hybrids, and their specific abilities/strengths/weaknesses, are going to be unique and individual, based on the player’s concept of their character, and the species, however, there will be fundamental guidelines for Hybrids within RODM, which will be discussed between admins and each new Hybrid species as they are created.


Vampires need blood to survive, but the Lycan side of this specific Hybrid can and does eat human food. Eating food, however, does not negate their hunger for blood. The hunger for blood is considered a flaw, and it is something that makes for excellent roleplay. Given their need for blood, a Vampire/Lycan Hybrid may keep Blood dolls. Since these “dolls” are fed judicious amounts of vampire blood, they are granted an extended life span, quicker healing, augmented speed and strength. In other words, they are enhanced, but they are NOT vampires. Blood, and the need for blood, is considered an addiction. It is not a fancy, or a craving. It is an all-consuming need.


Hybrids are rare. To make a new hybrid, all four existing Hybrids must come together and perform a ritual ceremony. The new Hybrid inherits some of their makers’ abilities and talents, but will have new ones that are unique to their specific species/personality/strengths/weaknesses/etc. The new Hybrid is bound to their maker(s), which means, they will sense each other, and feel responsible for one another. A new Hybrid will experience an intense lust for blood. If their vampire side is strong, they will struggle with this addiction every moment of every day. It is only by winning against this addiction that the new Hybrid proves they are worthy…and again, this sets up some very intense, interesting, and convoluted roleplay possibilities.

DO NOT drink/feed to the death. Unless one is in battle, drinking to the death is in direct conflict of sim rules, and will result in a Blood Hunt.

DRINKING BLOOD OTHER THAN HUMAN BLOOD has risks. Other species’ blood will impact a Hybrid in a variety of ways, depending on which blood type you drink. There are specific ways the species’ blood will effect a Hybrid, but this aspect of blood drinking is open to originality and creativity, as long as there is a backstory that supports the anomalies.

  ELVEN BLOOD: Delicious, and it can be addictive. In the extreme, it is magical.

LYCAN BLOOD: Full Lycan blood would be too strong for most vampires, but a Hybrid would find it refreshing, and it would imbue them with added strength.

SATYRE BLOOD: The blood of a Satyre is an aphrodisiac for both Vampires and Hybrids.

CELESTIAL BEINGS: The blood/ether of a celestial being would utter destroy a Vampire, and would gravely harm a Hybrid.


1) The need for both blood and food. 2) Fire is a terror. It destroys both Vampire and Lycan. 3) Holy objects hurt, depending upon the faith of the owner and the strength/potency of the object. 4) Silver will cut/wound a Hybrid, and negates their quick-heal abilities. It is extremely painful, and the injury inflicted with silver will take a long time to heal. 5) Wolfsbane and Mandrake are poisonous to Hybrids.