Within the realm is the castle where the two courts sit.  The Court of the Supernaturals is ruled by the four Hybrids–both siblings and mates.

In the room opposite the Hybrid Court is a mirror room–the Human Court, composed of Humans, Elves, and Fae.  At the time our story begins the humans are a lesser race, and the Supernaturals have dominance, claiming tribute in the form of blood dolls/slaves from the humans.

Under the City, hidden in the waterways and tunnels, the Rouges hold their own court. This Rogue City is the home to murderers, thieves, assassins, whores, and derelicts.

The Vampire Clan  is ruled by a council of Elders. An Elder vampire is strong enough to take down a single Hybrid, but a hybrid will heal faster. Their unique abilities unbalance the scales just enough that it would be a hard match, going either way.

The Lycan clan is ruled by the Alpha, and as with the Vampires, an Elder is strong enough to take down a single Hybrid, but the Hybrid’s unique abilities and remarkably fast healing rate, evens out things out a bit, and two or more Hybrids would easily kill a single Vampire of Lycan Elder.

Clans/Factions need four or more players. The Leader is responsible for creating roleplay and devising a series of tasks/ roleplays/ lessons for the evolvement of  their players, as well as creating levels the players can work towards and aspire to. Leaders also handle conflicts within their faction.