Throughout the history of the universe, beyond the measure of time, two forces have existed, woven together in an inseparable bond of light and dark. This universal energy is neither good nor evil, but a delicate balance of two great powers, interconnected and symbiotic, with no beginning and no ending.  Without day, there is no night, and without right, there can be no wrong.

As deities arose, many embraced this cosmic energy although few understood it, and none were able to master this great power. From their Golden Lands, the gods–like irresponsible children who’ve been given far too much power with little guidance–played games with the people and creatures of the planet Muuroon. They pitted one against the other, even going so far as to take earthly form as heroes in the endless warring they provoked.

Thus, it came to be that two sister goddesses, twins by birth, loved and fought over the same man–an arrogant god by the name of Theodontys. The twins, though born on the same day, looked nothing alike. Gaeia was small of stature, with rounded face and hips, a full pouty mouth, golden hair, and eyes the color of a sparkling mountain lake. Naamah, on the other hand, was tall and slender, with angular features, a lithe build, hair the color of coal, and eyes a rich, warm honey-hue. 

Though the sisters loved one another deeply, sharing the bond only those of a twin-birthing understand, they vied for Theodontys’s affection and attention. Thus was it the seeds of dissention were planted. They would grow into a monstrous wedge that would drive the sisters apart with unparalleled enmity toward one another. 

And so it was. Gaeia led her army of Lycans and Naamah her Vampires. The conflict was long and bloody. Many died on both sides, but it was those caught in the middle who suffered the most. In utter desperation, humans fled, seeking to hide from the two alpha races that were tearing the land asunder. Without their primary food source, the vampires were crippled further still, facing near extinction. Seeing an advantage in this, Lycans began actively hunting and killing humans in an attempt to ensure the utter destruction of the Vampire race. It was a futile attempt, as the Vampires managed a resurgence in numbers and power. And thus the warring went, back and forth, with no end in sight.

Oddly enough, though facing two alpha predators and scattered from their towns and cities, the humans fought back. They were joined by Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Fae, Werebeasts and more. Their armies were rag-tag, but they fought with single-minded purpose. In their arsenal, they had silver, mandrake, and wolfsbane, and their attacks were carefully planned.  They staged ambushes, poisoned drinking water, and set fire to the forests. At last, the Lycan, greatly decreased in number, retreated to their cavern homes, and Vampires were held in check by their decreased numbers and the inability to move freely during daylight hours. They too retreated, finding a measure of reprieve in their mountain castles.

This small victory won, the humans trained large armies, armoring and arming themselves. They built a great city on the coast, and prospered. Even so, it was inevitable the two warring factions would recover and grow in power once again, and they did. Though it was kept to the night, and greatly reduced in scale, the war between Lycan and Vampires was far from over. 

Yet, the universal yin-yang of energy and power is constantly ebbing and flowing. Just as surely as darkness gives way to the light of a new morn, the foundation for what was meant to be, was laid in place. From the darkness of the twin goddess’s monumental enmity, the tiniest flicker of light appeared, paving the way for a prophecy to be fulfilled–and the survival of a planet was given a second chance.