The four rulers of RODM are Hybrids–half Vampire and half Lycan. They were created thus by the twin goddesses Gaeia and Naamah, and through these deities, they learned of the coming of the Red Moon, and their destinies laid before them–to unite the warring races before all were eradicated from their planet. Thus, the Hybrids worship Gaeia, goddess of light, life, and living things…as well as her twin, Naamah, she who defends all creatures of the night. It is the constant yin-yang of the universe…the delicate balance of light and dark. This dualism of seemingly contrary forces is in fact, an interconnected, complementary give and take of the natural world. One cannot exist without the other.

Lycans worship Gaeia, their creator.

Vampire worship Naamah, their creator.

Humans are a superstitious lot. Some cling to the worship of the old gods…some have been drawn to the newer gods. Most still worship and pay homage to Gaeia, whom they consider mother of their earth; they follow the pagan practices they’ve held dear for hundreds of years.