Rental Information

Housing is available to active roleplayers only. This means that there is an expectation that you will be on sim and active in roleplay a minimal number of hours a week (2). Active is defined as creating and maintaining a story line and participating in that story line with other members of the sim.

Limited changes to textures on your rental both inside and out can be done at the discretion of the administration, but structural changes are not an option.

Units are allotted a certain number of prims which are noted in the rental information.

ADDING SUBTENANTS: To make sure everyones SL experience is enjoyable we do keep track of prims on the sim. Anyone who has prims set out on the sim and is not renting or listed as a subtenant on a tenants rental will have their prims returned (unless there is a specific reason for those prims to be on sim).

Adding a subtenant is the renters responsibility. To do so, click your rental vendor, choose the tenants option, choose add tenants and add the name of anyone who has placed objects on the sim or in your house. It’s that easy.

Their objects will count against your allotment. If you do receive notification that you are over on your prims you will be contacted and asked to pick up. If you choose not to pick up, the admin will return items until you are in compliance with your allotment.

The rental sign may or may not disappear on payment and does not reappear until the unit is available again to rent. If you are receiving notifications and cannot find your rental sign please hit ctrl>alt>t and look for the invisiprim.

Warning Your rental will NOT be REFUNDED and you will be EVICTED if any of the following activities occur:

a) You leave the sim, or are removed from the groups for non-participation and/or not meeting participation requirement of minimal active roleplaying. We understand RL happens. Please contact an admin. There is no guarantee that a unit will remain yours if your absence is going to be unreasonably long term (four or more weeks) but the administration will work with you to the best of their abilities to ensure that you do return home.

b) The lot that you are renting is empty or unfurnished or your house appears to have been abandoned.

EVICTION will occur when your rent is overdue by 72 hours. The Admin will return your items after you have been evicted. You will receive warnings in your local chat that rent is coming due, rent has expired and that you have been evicted.