Sim Rules

Standard Roleplay Rules:

  • No avatars that are less than 30 days old.
  • Avatar Specifics:
    • Realistically proportioned and textured beastfolk are acceptable, furries are not. 
    • No hyper avatars of any kind (muscles, genitals, butts, breasts, etc.) Avatars should appear natural, within the guidelines of the faction you are choosing to roleplay.
    • Cartoon-like avatars (including Anime, Neko, etc ) are not permitted.
    • Children and/or child-like avatars are not permitted.
  • No gods, genies, djinn, demigods, demons, dragons.  Characters of other races may not have powers akin to these entities.
  • No godmodding or powergaming.  
  • Don’t RP to be an asshole (trolling) and don’t be an asshole OOC. Roleplaying AS an asshole is fine.
  • Keep OOC chatter to IMs, group chat, or Discord chat. Occasional OOC text during a scene to help coordinate is fine, but please us the (( )) parenthesis notation to designate a break in IC dialogue.
  • Game Masters are here to ensure everything is orderly, fun, and within the spirit of the sim. Their decisions on issues/conflicts should be considered final.
  • No one may rent in a faction area to which they do not belong. 
  • Death is permanent / immortals get banished for centuries. Result is same: reroll. No racial/superpower/spell of self-resurrection.  The only exception to this rule is the undead. Be aware that character-death is strictly by consent only. Do not have a character eliminated until you are ready to retire it!
  • In-Character actions have In-Character consequences. Do not roleplay a crime or assault, unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences (in character) of your action choice(s).
  • All new arrivals begin with the “WANDERER” tag.  This is changed at Administrations’ or Faction Leader’s discretion.
  • In large group role-play, wait for the other individuals to post before you post again.  Otherwise, follow a post order among those with whom you are directly interacting. 

HUDs, Attachments, & Attire:

  • All players on sim must dress appropriately for the theme: medieval fantasy.  Modern clothing may be worn in the welcome center, and there is a vendor that offers free RP attire, if it’s needed.  For visitors who wish to look around or take pictures of the sim, an OOC tag will be provided. It lets active roleplayers know you are not (yet) active.
  • OOC visitors should not jump into active roleplay or disrupt roleplay storylines, while they are touring/visiting the sim.
  • No bloodlines, hunger, or other similar “game” huds.
  • Spell effect HUDs are permitted only for visual effects, and only if they are not laggy, obnoxious, or used to troll.  They may not push, move, trap, or spy on others.  If they are inappropriately used, you wil be asked by administration/faction leader to remove said HUD.  

Adult Content:

  • General nudity is allowed on sim, but may be illegal in-character in certain areas.  Such laws and regulations are up to the individual faction zones to enforce.
  • Adult animations may be used behind “closed doors”, which means, in private residences, bath houses, faction sections as designated by faction guidelines/leaders, and in the castle dungeons.
  • We are not a CARP (Capture and Rape) sim. Period. Rape of another character REQUIRES that you obtain the consent of the other player OOCly. Consent should be LOGGED/NOTECARDED, and EXPLICITLY STATED. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may this be forced on another player, nor another player coerced into such a scene. ROLEPLAY WITH THE INTENT TO ROLEPLAY, NOT WITH THE INTENT TO RAPE, and be prepared to accept IC consequences as with any other crime.

Magic Usage:

  • Regional weather change is possible if many casters work together.
  • All magic has a consequence. Generally, fatigue is the normal choice, with the magic-weaver experiencing greater fatigue or self harm for more taxing spells.  Portals and teleports are very taxing, especially if more than just the caster is transported.
  • Spells should always be “cast” within RP dialogue, either via a word of power spoken, a hand gesture, wand/staff gesture, concentration, etc.
  • Transformations are not glamours, and one should experience the natural consequences of any species transformation.
  • Glamours do not change the physical form, they give the illusion of something being different.  Examples: Changing the color of one’s hair or skin; changing one’s skin to appear to be furred, when the skin would actually still feel smooth (skin-like) to the touch; growing fangs and claws, when teeth and nails actually remain normal for your specific character; etc.
  • Resurrections by the use of any kind of magic is impossible. 
  • Healing magic and potions are not an instant fix. This means, IC, injuries will still hurt for a time, and limbs will take at least a week to mend/regrow.
  • Magical items and artifacts that provide a specific ability, spell, or transformation are permitted until told otherwise.  Items deemed too powerful, out of theme, etc, by the administration, should not be used.  Administrators may ask for RP logs of the item’s creation.