With the coming of the Red Moon, the planet of Muuroon experienced horrific natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunamis, fluctuations in weather patterns, and the awakening of long-dead volcanoes. Amidst this upheaval, the Revenants awakened and crawled from their lairs during the Red Moon’s full phase. Their insatiable hunger for food drives them with mindless ferocity to attack and kill all races and lifeforms.

The Red Moon’s expected arrival, foretold in ancient prophesy and made known to the goddesses Naamah and Gaia, spurred the goddesses to bring forth the first Lycan-Vampire Hybrids–four sibling/mates charged with uniting the races in an attempt to fight their common enemy–the Revenants.

The Red Moon’s arrival caused other changes, as well. One such was the ability of Lycans, Weres, and Changlings to change form, irrespective of the moon phase. Another was the ability of Vampires to walk abroad in daylight.

All of these changes were almost immediately apparent, but there were subtle changes as well, and these are being discovered all the time. Silver, long known as a cleansing holy metal, has taken on greater powers, as now it can burn and wound any supernatural being. Because of this, it is a proscribed and banned substance. Anyone caught owning any object made of silver, will have that object confiscated and suffer dire consequences. Of course the banning of something does not get rid of it, but drives the trade underground. So the black market has a thriving economy in traded silver weapons and amulets. However, anyone caught with these on their person will be punished severely. ((It is suggested that if you wish to carry such an item, you subject yourself to frequent dice rolls to see if you are detected, and then rp escape, capture, or death by the being(s) the item was intended to be used against.)),

RODM is strictly Medieval Era RP. No guns – of any kind – are permitted.