Vampire Rules

 Vampire King: Vexing Vampire (jackal.arentire)

1. Fealty

    All vampires entering the region must make themselves known to the Vampire King, upon arrival, even if they do not wish to join the Coven. Joining the Coven is not required, however, failure to announce yourself will be considered an insult and will be met with repercussions. 

    2. Loyalty 

    Upon joining the Coven, a Vampire must offer the King some of their blood as tribute. In exchange, the King will give some of his own blood to the Vampire. This will bond them to the coven and the King himself. The more blood the King bequeaths upon the Vampire, the more sway he has over them, and the more easily he can compel them to do as he commands. The King of the Coven must be obeyed at all times, regardless.

    3.  Deliberation

    Disputes between coven members can be brought before the King to be  deliberated upon, as well as his council of arbiters. However, doing so means that coven members must accept that the King’s word is FINAL. Any attempt to skirt around the verdict will result in punishment.

    4.  Rogues

    Rogue vampires are not to be offered aid unless the King allows it. The Coven will take no blame for the actions of a rogue vampire so long as they are completely uninvolved in the rogue’s activities. Once aid is given, the coven must accept some modicum of responsibility for the rogue and his actions. Any coven vampire aiding a rogue without permission will be punished with severity commensurate with the extent of the aid given. 

    5.  Arbitration

    In the absence of the King, one of his chosen arbiters will rule in his stead until his return, be it a short or long absence. This arbitrator will claim the title of ‘Steward’ or ‘Stewardess’. The arbiter will be personally selected by the King himself. Arbiters will also advise the Steward and aid in making judgment in matters of the coven. 

    6.  Coven Grounds

    The Coven Castle is a free space for all coven members to gather and mingle amongst themselves. There is to be no violence within the castle’s perimeters. Period. Any duels or personal disputes that are allowed by the King are to be conducted outside of coven grounds.

    7.  Property

    Do not drink from another vampire’s claimed blood doll, unless you are given permission by the owner of that blood doll to do so (ooc permission as well, of cours

Blood Dolls

    1. Giving Blood

You are expected to give your blood. Period. You cannot say no when asked. There are no “regular” slaves in this faction. There’s no need for them. You are food, it’s as simple as that. If you’re accepted into the castle, you’ll be expected to know your worth. Where you sit on the food chain will be a constant topic of conversation, so you must be comfortable with that. Vampires have lived for an eternity, and they’re going to live for an eternity more, so they can get rid of you if you’re not well-behaved. There will always be more to replace you. 

    2. Cleanliness

        Blood dolls are expected and very much encouraged to use the hot baths whenever they need, or even simply lounge there. Vampires like your flesh warm and soft, but more importantly, they demand you be clean. If you do not wash yourself every day, you will be punished. Punishment can be caging, excessive draining, or whatever they please. If you misbehave in another way, you could lose the privilege of the hot bath, and be made to wash yourself in the cold waters of the courtyard fountain. 

    3. Behave

          Don’t beg for sex or bites. The vampires will give these things to you when they feel the need. You are not here for your personal gratification or satisfaction, you are here to serve and pleasure the vampires. Do not be cringy. There is pleasure in your role when you truly love what you do. If you find that pleasure, you’ll be fulfilled by the many comforts that come from being livestock. There are plush beds and pillows, plenty of food, and the castle might be dark but it is warm. If you’re well behaved, you’ll be quite comfortable. 

    4. OOC Consent

         You are here to have fun! Make sure every dominate that comes your way knows your limits. Make it clear what you do and do not want. While the blood-drinking is demanded in this faction, sex is not. You do not have to be paraded around as naked, you don’t have to undergo a certain punishment that is upsetting to you. Your enjoyment should be equal to that of anyone else, so be open with your dominants and roleplay partners, about what you can and cannot do. Submit when asked to be bitten, expect IC consequences for IC actions, follow the sim rules for your class, and outside of that, everything else is up to you!