Long ago, in a far distant past, a war was waged between Vampires and Lycans. The Lycans lost that war, and were consequently enslaved by the Vampires, becoming their daylight servants. During that time, before the advent of the Dark Moon, Vampires lived a secret existence. They hid from humanity, only able to walk by night, but they had been part of the world for millennia. Then came the dark moon, and the sun lost its power over the Vampires. Now, all vampires walk abroad during daylight and they emerging from the shadows to rule.

Sometimes called Kindred, Kin, or Vampyre., these creatures are The Undead. With so many stories, books, films, and legends, the possabilities for Vampire roleplay are endless. Consequently, to ensure conformity, discuss your vampire’s abilities and appearance with the vampire lead and Admin before commencing play. Whether you base your vampire on “Vampire the Masquerade”, or one of many vampire books or films, there are certain characteristics which need to be adhered too.

First and foremost, Vampires need blood. Without blood, they will perish. As a Vampire, one will be faster, stronger, heal instantly, and have abilities beyond human scope. These abilities need to be confirmed with your vampire lead, as well as balanced with flaws.

Vampires will present themselves to the vampire lead on arrival in the land. Whether you stay a part of the vampire clan or not is a personal choice, but a rogue vampire can be hunted, and they will be eliminated if they present a danger to the clan. Feeding in the city is permitted, but killing your prey is not allowed. Be careful in choosing your prey, as they just might kill you, for example, humans in a group can attack and kill a vampire.

Vampire Flaws

  • Fire terrifies and burns a vampire.
  • Silver cuts and does not heal for a long time. Bonds made from silver are almost impossible to break.
  • Mandrake will poison a vampire.
  • A stake through the heart sends the vampire into a coma called a torpor.
  • The need for blood is an addiction. Without blood a vampire weakens and will be driven to madness. They frenzy and attack anyone nearby, without reason or control, until they expire.